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Circle of Knowledge
Martial artist that work together as a circle of knowledge Read more

Four Chokes and Cranks for Street Use
The type of chokes and cranks discussed here are designed for the street. Several of them have been banned from judo competition because they are too dangerous for sport. Since they may result in life-threatening injuries to your opponent Read more

Use Neck Cranks or Chokes to Fight an Adversary
In single combat, we can confuse the enemy by attacking with varied techniques when the chance arises. Feint a thrust or cut, or make the enemy think you are going to close with him, and when he is confused you can easily win. Read more

Positive Attitude Required for Black Belt
Learning martial arts can be very challenging. It is a lifelong process that encompasses not only internalizing an abundance of fighting techniques, but also learning proper body alignment, breathing, and movement. It is both a physical and mental process. Read more

Sanchin, Shime, and Hard Impact
At the conclusion of the examination, we gathered around the new Godan, and the finger imprints from the teachers slapping his shoulders resonated red and were buried deep in his sweat-covered skin. Read more

Practice Any Time, Anywhere
Consistent daily training makes all the difference in achieving your rank. Because there is so much to learn and everything builds from kihon, it is important to make a commitment to try to learn something new about your martial art. Read more

Sanchin Kata Ancient Wisdom
The true history of sanchin kata is lost to time. Many will claim they know the true and correct history of sanchin kata, but factors such as where one chooses to begin and end can create one of many versions of the same history. Read more

Sanchin Kata, the Three Battles Sequence
The basic kata sanchin has existed a long time, and has developed into variations called saifa, seiyunchin, shisochin, sanseiryu, seipai, kururunfa, and suparunpen, which are still practiced. Read more

Introduction to the Theory of Kaisai
by Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder
Part 1 - part 12, free introduction. Read more

The 87-Fold Path to Being the Best Martial Artist:
87 Social and Psychological Tips for Living beyond the Physical.
Click here to read 12 chapters…