West Seattle Karate Academy with Kris Wilder, Sensei.
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West Seattle Karate Academy

College + Program


Imagine as a student or parent when the time comes to make a college choice not to be overwhelmed, to have choices, and no surprises.

The West Seattle Karate Academy College + Program prepares students and parents for that moment.

The program begins the Freshman Semester; however, you can join anytime. Each Semester has action items and responsibilities, nothing too large, but they add up over time.

College is one of the most formative choices a young person will make, start the prep now. All-Freshman or above students at West Seattle Karate Academy can participate in College + Program at no extra charge, because West Seattle Karate Academy is your athletic and scholastic home.


The program is directed by Sensei Wilder. After having two children go through the process of high school and preparation for college, the experience requires some education not only for the kids involved but the parents as well. Most schools provide some background in respect to the issues and challenges that face a family preparing for college. The goal is to help you make the most informed choice and at the end of the process have several options instead of just the one.


The West Seattle Karate Academy College + Program is broken into the eight semesters school. Each student is given an action sheet for the semester they are entering. Each sheet is explained and reviewed. There may be checklists and or action items included in each semester. Students will be held accountable to complete the tasks included in each semester.


The West Seattle Karate Academy College + Program will take place immediately after a normal class. In other words, that night's karate class will go a half an hour longer than normal. Parents are encouraged to attend. There will be lead time; a notice sent out to allow for preparation to bring your College + Program notebook. There will be some outside the dojo classes that may require attendance; an example would be Target College Night, where the students review, discuss and select a targeted list of possible schools. Also the College Fair Preparation Class, and of course The College Fair at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle.


The program is not difficult because it is smart.

  • Did know you can take the SAT several times? Some colleges allow you to construct a SAT super score by selecting only your best scores.
  • Did you know that if you are a resident of Washington State and have 3.5 GPA you can apply to Washington State University, and you will be automatically accepted? 
  • Did you know according to Arizona state law, the state you live when you apply is your residence for the duration you study at an Arizona university? You will never receive instate tuition in the State of Arizona.