West Seattle Karate Academy with Kris Wilder, Sensei.
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Karate gives your child an enormous head start in life. Our kids' classes are focused and challenging. The standards are high, yet obtainable.

Your Kid receives a rank card for each belt rank allowing them to see exactly what is expected and enables them to team with the instructor and track their progress as they grow in the ranks.

They learn goal setting and experience the rewards of their achievements, while learning physical self-defense and life skills that, well - will last a lifetime. Tasks of the month, such as; "Be accountable for everything you do." help focus the students inside the karate school and outside the karate school, with their peers, social settings and at school.

Your child will love his or her karate class because they have a great time with old friends, meet new friends and gain the greatest thing they can ever earn - the sense of accomplishment.

100% Participation

Karate is different than a team sport, everybody participates in class, 100 percent of the time and each student is measured as an individual according to their personal improvement.

Expenses are low. Travel time is minimal.

Pride, self-direction, a good dose of stick-to-it, and self-defense, set in a firm but fun atmosphere, that's West Seattle Karate Academy.


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