West Seattle Karate Academy with Kris Wilder, Sensei.
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Kris Wilder, owner and head instructor at West Seattle Karate Academy, is a highly respected martial arts practitioner who has presented at seminars worldwide in Asia, Europe, and across North America.

Wilder Sensei brings ages-old wisdom of powerful karate applications to today's martial artist. Reaching back in history to schools of self defense when no police, no streetlight and no hidden camera were there to protect you, karate was used chiefly to "not lose," to ensure escape and to make sure that fights ended quickly and in your favor.

Explosive technique and powerful execution are the key elements of what he teaches, rather than pre-arranged or prescribed techniques. Favoring attitudes and postures that allow for a "no thinking response," complexity is thrown aside for practicality.

Arranging a seminar:

To arrange for a seminar, e-mail wskadojo@gmail.com. Wilder Sensei will call you to discuss your individual needs and the subject matter you wish to have covered. Once a time and date are agreed upon, you will get your PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE, containing electronic communications, flyers, brochures and suggested copy, and a proven communication timeline to help ensure a successful turnout and showcase your school.


Kris Wilder at a seminar


What people say about Kris Wilder's karate seminars:


"I especially found useful the partner testing exercises and these certainly complemented your excellent book on the subject. They really help to provide 'instant feedback' and very quickly prove or disprove the structure of the posture."
- Chris Denwood (4th Dan), Chief Instructor, Eikoku Satori Karate-Do Kyokai (E.S.K.K), Senior Instructor, British Karate-Do Chojinkai (B.K.C)


"[Kris'] structural striking embodied the concept of short and simple. I've seen a lot of these things done in static positions. Kris can do them moving!"
- Sgt. Rory Miller, Tactical Team Leader. Author of: Meditations on Violence. Oregon, USA


"Kris Wilder is one of those truly rare traditional martial arts teachers who has gone beyond the outer form and technique of the art. He has reached into its very soul. If you're genuinely interested in learning the real thing, don't miss a chance to train with him!"
- Phillip Starr, Founder, Yiliquan Kung-Fu. Author of "The Making of a Butterfly" and "Martial Mechanics"


"Kris is an excellent communicator with a great sense of humour. The concepts and principles he was teaching us were from Goju Ryu, a style I had no knowledge of, but his teaching style and his knowledge made it easier to understand. He was also very giving instructor, taking time to listen to individuals making sure he understood their query before answering."
- Colin Steel, 4th Dan Shotokan, Chief Instructor, Lenbukan Shotokan, Scotland